Low platelets

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Low platelets

Post by chris » 11 Jul 2011 10:39

Hi All

Jayne was asking about low platelet levels in MDS and concerned about risk of bleeding/ bruising. I was also worried about this but was reassured by a consultant at Barts that with a count in the 80s, I could withstand a major operation !! Good to know. Can I have a replacement hip operation now please? I don't need one but just thought it best to have it while I still can!

I think that under 10 is the worrying level though I personally know of a couple of people who have Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpurea (ITP) who have had counts of 8 for the past 10 years or so and are doing OK whereas others have had levels of 30 or so and experienced lots of bleeds/ bruising. As with all things to do with blood counts, it may not be just the numbers but how effective the cells are.

Maybe check out with your medical advisors anything you should be doing/not doing to help. e.g. I don't think alcohol helps platelet levels (though not sure at what levels it has this effect?) and aspirin alters how the blood clots......

Best wishes

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Re: Low platelets

Post by janetstanford » 11 Jul 2011 10:59


at one clinic visit my platelets came in at 2 i was told to sit there while they got me some panic set in for a few moments (hours to honest)

i know anything under 10 is an issue and they do then transfuse also the doctor once explained some people have a count of 30 or so and have no problems but those under 10 can and need to be transfused every day because platelets i believe only live for 24 hours so the marrow is always producing huge amounts normal levels are 150--400

although it has taken two and half years since they reduced to 2...mine have steadily grew back with an increase of 15/20 percent every quarter they now stand at 141-144 can not wait for that magic 150 maybe tomorrow having bloods done then

i rarely bruise now in fact rarely and yet before treatment ect i can not remember a time when i did not ....

take care janet
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