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Post by peppertree » 30 Sep 2010 17:39

Hello there everyone

I am new to the forum and am sure there are posts about CMML but nevertheless would really like to hear from any fellow sufferer.

My MDS turned to CMML a couple of months ago. Have been treated with chemo (one round) and have been told I am currently in remission. I do have a matched sibling who has donated stem cells for a transplant. This is possibly going ahead next month.

I worry about the prognosis of CMML. Is the transplant my best bet? Or should I hope that my remission lasts for ages !!!!

Are there any post transplant CMML patients who can give advice or even anyone waiting for a transplant?

Many thanks
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Post by chris » 24 Oct 2010 11:51

Hi there

Sorry for not posting a reply sooner. I think something has been going odd with the Forum again as your posts have only just appeared. I have CMML -diagnosed just over a year ago -but seem to be in and out of that category depending on my monocyte count. Thanks for replying to my other post about enlarged spleen as I also have this problem and I do worry about the implications of that. I'd like to ask you lots of questions about your blood counts, how enlarged your spleen was and how the chemo was for you - good and bad effects as this is something which may be on the horizon for me, too, if my spleen continues to enlarge. If you feel up to this, you can either post here or send me a Private message.

I guess you may already have had your transplant by now so may not be in a fit state to be looking at this site? If so, I hope it has gone well and that you are recovering.

If not, there are plenty of posts here on the Forum about the experience of having a stem cell transplant and Sophie may be able to put you in touch with somebody with recent experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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