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Post by chris » 03 Mar 2020 15:21

Hello, fellow MDS people! Just wondering how we are all feeling about coronavirus?! I've got fairly low neutrophils so I admit I am getting a wee bit anxious. HOWEVER, on the plus side, the NHS advice that is being given (about infected people coughing and sneezing into their elbows, frequent hand-washing and self-isolating if they have symptoms) is EXACTLY how I would like others to behave all the time so I'm hoping this remains in people's memories long after the coronavirus scare is over! Fortunately, I don't have to go to work or travel much so am just trying to be sensible and deploying my usual protective strategies - wearing gloves, frequent hand-washing or alcohol gels and avoiding crowded public areas or anybody who seems to have any symptoms!

I hope you all keep well.

Best wishes

Chris. (F) Age 71(2021). MDS diagnosed in 2008. Sub-type CMML-1 but with anomalies! Normal-ish red cells, low white cells and platelets, slightly raised monocytes. Enlarged spleen. No current treatment - active monitoring 3-monthly.SE Essex
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