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Re: Husband just diagnosed

Posted: 17 Jul 2019 12:50
by chris
Hi Debbie

Great to hear from you after so long and glad to hear that your husband has been doing well - though it does seem as though he needs to have a referral to a haematologist if you think he is getting more fatigued. Something that happened relatively recently ( in past few years) is that the standard format of the haemoglobin test has changed units so now 11 (in the old system) would appear as 110 and 12 would be 120 and so on. Basically Old-type readings x 10 = new readings!! Hope that helps?

I used to almost live on this site when i was first diagnosed as I found that helping others also helped me focus away from my own worries. So many people were worse off than me that I really felt I was making too much of my own issues and I'm very very glad to say, yes, I'm still here after 11 years of having CMML!! Not bad considering that the only CMML information sheet I found on diagnosis gave a median survival of 12-18 months - and I'd already had it for a year when i found the leaflet!!!

Hope you can help your husband to get his increasing fatigue investigated more thoroughly and that you manage to get your travel insurance sorted.

Best wishes