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Post by Bronte » 12 Dec 2010 17:09

David and Vikki have achieved their goal of reaching Nordkapp. They are two remarkable people in their twenties that have taken a month off to help raise funds and awareness for Leukaemia and MDS.

Please can you help to promote their trip and maximise donations. Help via Facebook, Twitter, greatly appreciated. The photo's are truly stunning. If anyone knows of other ways to publicise this event, pls respond.
An excerpt from their blog www.baylissracing.com (HOME) DAY 14

The last stop before our goal. Overnight we had heard conflicting stories of how difficult it would be to drive to Nordkapp as the final stretch is shut to all traffic apart from a convoy (snow plough, tourist bus and proper 4x4's)
First we had to climb the mountains up to where we would meet the convoy. The road was covered with fresh ice and snow that had fallen overnight making driving up the mountain roads tricky to say the least. The Countryman plowed on without trouble , climbing higher and higher up the mountains with the temperature plummeting in the little light we get this far North.

We were full of apprehension.

The first part of the climb is done without any help from the snow plough and therefore is probably the most scary. We climbed and climbed with no crash barriers to save you from certain death, if you plummeted down the thousand foot drop to the left. The road continued in the same manner for 12 miles.

Finally we reached the sign that said Nordkapp 500 meters - WE knew WE'D made it. Months of planning had come together, the Countryman had performed perfectly and we'D made it !
In the dark, we made our way to the lit globe, that marks the top of Europe which is the symbol for the trip. We had finally reached over 71 degrees North and the Northern point driveable in Europe.

Now the 14 day drive back again !
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