Fundraising events - Radio interview today 14th Dec 2009

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Fundraising events - Radio interview today 14th Dec 2009

Post by sophie » 14 Dec 2009 10:51

James Peach - a young man whose grandfather has MDS is planning a long walk to raise funds for the MDS UK GroupHe will talk about it today 14 th December 2009 on his radio slot:
Radio station Unity101 Community Radio
Mondays between 2-3pm.
You can listen to it on 101.1fm or if your not in Southampton listen online at

Here is a little background on why he is doing it - as well as some questions I asked him to assist with fundraising ideas:

Reason you are walking:

The reason I have chosen this organisation, is that my grandad, Ken Whorley, who I am very close to, is suffering from MDS and is quickly progressing to the Lukemia borderline.

When was he diagnosed or how long he has been living with MDS?
He was diagnosed with MDS in September 2007, and has been getting progressively worse ever since.

Where is he treated?
Consultant is at Royal South Hants Hospital, and transfusion of blood and plateletts are at Southampton General Hospital

Are there other MDS Patients in the hospital he goes to? (you could put up a notice in the hospital waiting room there to say you will do a sponsored walk)
Yes, infact, my best friend's grandad is being treated at the same places.

What did your grand-father used to do before he had MDS ? i.e levels of energy etc.
walk to local shops etc.. He still tries to now, but as time passes between transfusions his energy levels drop noticabley
He went for longish walks every day to keep himself fit

How is it restricting his life now? How is it affecting him?
He now is walking less and less, gardening and housework is a problem especially is has to lean forward as this appears to start spontanious bleeds in him gums. He seems to bleed if he over exerts himself although the dr says this is not the case.

What is he thinking about your Big Walk?
I'm insane!!! However, I think everyone does!

Where did he used to work?
(Does he have a local pub – where he is well known? With a grandson as enterprising as you, I am sure he has a few old pals everywhere.

Maybe the pub will allow you to display a fundraising poster? Maybe they will even sponsor you a bit?)

Southampton City Council, which I intend to visit to ask about sponsorship and donations

Who you are – just a bit of background information:

My name is James Peach, and no, the book wasn't about me! I'm 17 years old and I've lived in Southampton my whole life. I'm a value every second of my life, and everyone else's. That is why I am doing this walk, to help out my grandad and make his life that little bit easier!

Are you a student – what are you studying, where?

I'm studying Journalism at Southampton City College.

When did you start doing these walks?

We started randomly walking home from partys 8 miles away in the summer, (august 2009) obviously stopping in subway on the way! And we decided to do a massive walk for charity!

Mention your radio show – name, time, which radio station - some people might be local and will listen to you – more of an audience for you – more of a chance to raise funds. Some people may want to support you on the way.

I do a radio show on my local station Unity101 Community Radio, on Mondays between 2-3pm. You can listen to me on 101.1fm or if your not in Southampton listen online at We will be talking about the walk on the 14th December.

Same for the local press that will cover the story – which papers?
We are going to get into contact with the Southern Daily Echo, Hampshire Chronicle, South Today and Meridian News about reporting on our walk to gain publicity.

What about your friends – which charities?

Two of my friends are walking with me. Pete Bennett is donating his third of your proceeds to Help For Heroes as he will be joining the forces in the next few years. And Tom Rogers will be raising money in aid of the MS Society UK, as his Mum has been diagnosed with MS for 10 years now.

If you wish to find out more about our walk head to there you can find out more about us, the walk and you can donate on the site as well. Also on our site is links to our blog, facebook page and how to contact us, should you wish to ask us anything else!
Sophie - Patient Liaison
For any queries:
Call 0207 733 7558

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