More press coverage on liver cancer drug Nexavar

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More press coverage on liver cancer drug Nexavar

Post by sophie » 25 Nov 2009 13:32

A few more press coverage items regarding the liver cancer drug Nexavar - following the rejection by NICE to recommend the use of this drug on the NHS

Kate Spall was interviewed regarding the negative NICE guidance for Nexavar. She spoke about the value of extra time provided through treatment with Nexavar and the additional quality life secured at the end of life- treatment is not about prolonging the agony of terminal cancer, some patients are able to return to work.
Peter Johnson from Cancer Research UK and Peter Littlejohns from NICE were then interviewed on their response to NICE's decision. Please see below a summary of their main points:

Peter Johnson, Cancer Research UK

· NICE are in no doubt of clinical effectivess of Nexavar

· Treatment extends life from 8 months to over a year

· No other similar treatments available, provides an unmet need

· Small patient group

· Treatment available elsewhere in Europe, even Romania.

· Bayer put forward PAS and tried to work with DH and NICE to come to an agreement on price and payment arrangements

Peter Littlejohns, NICE

· NICE are aware of value of additional weeks and months at the end of life, is why the additional criteria were introduced

· NICE looked at Nexavar under 'End of Life' but with the lowest assessments of QALY at £52,000, it is not cost effective

· NICE are now more flexible in their assessments of 'End of Life' treatments but still have to make sure they are cost effective for use in the NHS, this drug is still too expensive.

· Drug therapy is not the only element of care, have to look at whole pathway of care and the money could be used for other cancer patients to support other forms of treatment.


‘Outcry as cost watchdog bars Bayer’s liver cancer drug from NHS’ ... rc=EUKNews

BBC Online

‘Liver cancer drug 'too expensive'

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