Charity Walk (July 2010)

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Charity Walk (July 2010)

Post by Jimpy1707 » 24 Mar 2010 18:38

If three 17-year-old boys are sat at a party chilling out round a fire and listening to mellow music, what do you think they should do? Stay, lie down and sing along to a bit of James Morrison? Well if that’s your answer then I’m afraid to say you’re as far from right as you could possibly imagine. In fact, what they do is wait until half five in the morning and then take on an eight mile walk to the closest Subway Sandwich Store!
After that initial walk I, James Peach, along with two of my best mates Pete Bennett and Tom Rogers, decided to create a fundraising event that would try to blow all others into the water.

This July, the three of us will be walking from Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, to St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, (244 miles!) And the reason for this I hear you asking? Why Not!? All money raised is going to be split three ways between us, with Pete’s third going towards ‘Help for Heroes,’ Tom’s for ‘MS Society UK,’ and then as you may have guessed, my share is for ‘MDS Patient Support Group UK.’

The reasoning behind my choice of charity is fairly simple really. Since being diagnosed with MDS in September 2007, my Granddad, Ken Whorley, has been getting progressively worse. Every week now, he has to make his way to Southampton General Hospital to receive platelet transfusions, and every other week for blood. Since as l have known him, 17 years obviously, he has always been energetic and up for anything, frequently going on long bike rides. But as time passes between transfusions, it is hard for him even to walk down to the local shops. A few years back his car sat dormant on his driveway, as he walked everywhere, but that isn’t really the case any more.

So it seems, even if it is coincidentally, that the walking torch has been passed down to me. He along with anyone else that I tell about that walk thinks that we are totally and utterly insane! That isn't the case though. I cherish every second I'm on this earth as if it is the only one I have to live my life in, and we are only able to viably undertake the mammoth walk because of that value for life that all three of us share.

Because of the size of our event, we decided that we want to make more than just a few hundred pounds, and so in the upcoming weeks we will be contacting local media companies about reporting on our walk. If anyone reading has any connections to the media industry, or would like to help us out advertising and collecting money please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our email address can be found on our website: there you can find out more about us, the charities and the walk itself. Also on our site is links to our blog and Facebook page. By going to the donations page of the website you can pledge however much you can afford to give, but we wont take the money until we have completed the walk. (Unless you click the Paypal button, then the donation shall be instant, but that is not on the site yet!)

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this,

James Peach.
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