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How to respond to existing messages

Posted: 11 Apr 2013 16:04
by sophie
How to respond to existing posts?

As our number of registered users on this forum is growing - so is the need to give more advice on how to respond in a clear, helpful and constructive way.

It is important to offer:
:arrow: empathy,
:arrow: support
:arrow: and show you understand the author of the message :)

it is very important to
:arrow: read the person's message VERY carefully :!:
:arrow: make sure you understand the issues mentioned before replying :?
:arrow: if you don't understand the issues - say so - and just offer a welcome - if it is a new member :D
:arrow: remember that no 2 patients or scenarios of treatment can ever be exactly the same
:arrow: treatment choices and life styles can be very different :o
:arrow: make sure you don't suggest treatment options - this is NOT what this forum is used for

We thank all contributors and regular users on the forum - but really urge all of you to observe these rules.
Responding too quickly to a message without fully understanding the issues can do more damage than good. :cry: :evil:
If you are ever unsure about any topic - please ALWAYS ask us to look into it before replying.
And please ALWAYS encourage the authors to contact us if they have not yet done so already. :geek:
This forum should be used in addition to our support - not instead of - as we have access to clinical staff for advice if necessary

This way we can keep up all of this great combination of efforts and experiences which is so helpful to everyone.

Thank you again for making this forum a lively and welcoming place for all patients, relatives and friends.