How to change the order of messages - recent ones first

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How to change the order of messages - recent ones first

Post by sophie » 05 Feb 2013 12:38

We have been asked a few times if it is possible to make the most recent messages appear at the top.
We cannot change this ourselves for the entire messaging forum - but you can change it yourself for all messages - depending on your display preferences.

This is how to do it - by using your USER CONTROL PANEL

To make all recent messages appear first

1 - Click on USER CONTROL PANEL (top right hand corner of screen)
2 - Click on BOARD PREFERENCES (left hand column - called OPTIONS - 6th item listed)
3 - Click on EDIT DISPLAY OPTIONS (3rd item listed)
4 - In the main board that opens up - go to the last item: DISPLAY POST ORDER DIRECTION
5 - Switch the choice from ASCENDING to DESCENDING in the box
6 - Press SUBMIT (row below) - your display choice will then be updated.

If you then go back to the message forum - you will see that all individual messages will appear in descending order - with the most recent one first.
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