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Adding details to your own signature

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 15:22
by sophie
You can add information about yourself in your signature.
That way the info is featured automatically every time you leave a message.
This helps a lot when others read your messages.

How to add an automatic signature:
- Click on User Control Panel - top right handside of your screen - above the date and time.
- Next screen - Look at the left hand column called Options - click on Profile on left hand side.
- 4 options are listed - click on the 2nd option: Edit Signature
- In the white box - type whatever information you want to appear as your signature.
You can use colour if you want.
You can see what it will look like by clicking on the Preview box - at the bottom of the box.
If you are happy with the signature - click Submit. The signature will appear on every single message you write.
If not happy - then change the wording, Preview again and click Submit.

Hope this helps.
Call me if you have problems setting this up.