My experience with the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine

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Donna Sussex
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My experience with the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine

Post by Donna Sussex » 09 Apr 2021 06:33

So I went for my first Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine and was a little apprehensive of how safe I would feel. Well I did not need to worry as the whole process was absolutely brilliant, well spaced out and the volunteers were constantly cleaning chairs and waiting areas. I only waited a few minutes to go through for my vaccine and it was over so very quickly. I had to wait 15 minutes but was then on my way home.
After my first Pfizer vaccine I felt very tired the first night and had a sore arm for a few days.
After my second Pfizer vaccine again a sore arm for a few days but this time I felt generally wiped out, tired and a little under the weather for a couple of days.
So pleased to have had both vaccines.
Stay safe everyone.
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Re: My experience with the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine

Post by chris » 05 May 2021 09:03

Hi Donna

Great to hear that your vaccine experience was good. I had a little bit of a freak out at my first one as a volunteer at the vaccination centre insisted on taking my elbow to direct me to the room!! Not having been in physical contact -even with close family and grandchildren -for over a year, I was not at all happy about that!!

Both doses of the AZ vaccine only resulted in a slightly tender arm, the second one even less than the first. Not a single response type symptom so I’m a bit concerned at how effective it might have been as most “normal” people I know who’ve had the AZ have had at least some immune type response, albeit mild.

Hope some research will soon show what level of protection blood cancer patients have!! I’m still treating myself as though I am unprotected as I simply don’t know! 😩
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