Azacitidine and Rodney Taylor

Please share your experience of using this particular MDS drug - sometimes referred to as "chemotherapy". If you have general questions about azacitidine, please check our website, our Patient Handbook or call us. For personal clinical queries - always discuss with your haematologist or nurse.

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Azacitidine and Rodney Taylor

Post by Goldtooth » 23 May 2017 05:38

When I was first diagnosed in November 2014 with Myelodisplastic Syndrome RAEB2 i joined MDS Support,and read everything I could about the disease, in particular about Rodney Taylor and his role in getting NICE approving The reintroduction of Azacitidine after previously withdrawing it from the NHS.
I owe my survival to his efforts. I'm in my third year of treatment with Azacitidine.
Thanks to Rodney Taylor and and his team I've gained another two and a half years of life.
God bless you Rodney and your team for your superb efforts on our behalf, you are an inspiration to us all

Anthony Abel (aka Goldtooth)
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