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Transfusion concern

Posted: 22 May 2013 16:24
by sophie
Hi Christina,
I copied your posts to this Transfusion folder - to answer you in full.
It is important you get a transfusion if you need it.
Haematologists do say it is adviseable to try to keep your Hb levels around 9 or 10 (or 90 or 100 with the revised measurements).
You will feel better for it and your energy level will increase.
Do indeed discuss this at your next visit at King's.
They will look into what has changed and what can be done to keep you transfusion free if possible.
As mentioned - if you have the 5q- type of MDS - and need transfusions - you may then be a candidate for the drug lenalidomide/Revlimid - which will be appraised in June.
Do give me a call or email me if you'd like to talk this through in detail.

From Christina - 15/05/2013 and 19/05/2013
"Hi Sophie my Hb went down to 7.6 last week even though I am on 500 cg of Darbepoietin weekly so am going to have a transfusion at the end of the month in Worthing, would rather not have it but feeling tired, hopefully on my next visit to Kings next month this will be discussed, regards Christina"

"Hi I am on Darbepoientin and although on 500 mcg weekly my Hb is 8.5 and I worry that if this goes below 8 I may need a transfusion, this I do not want to happen, i don't want to be transfusion dependant. Christina Fowler"

Re: Transfusion concern

Posted: 28 May 2013 20:49
by christina
Thank you Sophie for your input and glad to hear you think its best to have the transfusion, which I am having this friday at Worthing so hopefully will feel a lot better. Have taken on board what you have written and will look forward to discussing it at my next appt. at Kings on the 12th June, Regards Christina