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Posted: 22 Apr 2013 15:59
by sophie
Dear forum users,
Before you post on here - please check our website and read our information on iron overload - you will be better equipped to read and understand the messages on here - and participate in the discussions: ... -material/
We have booklets and slide presentations on that page.
Thank you.

This forum folder is for any messages related to:
:arrow: transfusion issues and concerns
:arrow: iron overload - which can happen if you are highly transfusion dependent
:arrow: iron chelation - which you might need if your haematologist thinks they need to decrease your iron (ferritin levels)

:!: Please note - not everyone with frequent transfusions or a high ferritin level will automatically need treatment to decrease their iron levels (iron chelation). It depends on where in the body the iron is deposited - and what treatment you may be having in the future.
Please always check and discuss this with your haematologist or clinical nurse specialist.

If your haematologist has determined you need iron chelation, please be aware there are more than 1 treatment option:
:arrow: pump/injections
:arrow: oral treatment
Both methods are available nationwide to all patients - do discuss with your haematologist.

If you do have problems accessing the oral form - this is usually a financial issue at regional level.
Contact us so we can help.

Iron chelation is also available as a clinical trial - check our page on Clinical Trials: ... al-trials/