Travel Insurance -9 months after end of Hydroxycarbamide

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Travel Insurance -9 months after end of Hydroxycarbamide

Post by MollyP » 27 Feb 2015 20:06

Hi everyone
Hubby is off skiing with his mates and thought he had better update his travel insurance because he had changed his blood pressure tablets.
The travel insurance advisor told him that as he is not on Hydroxycarbamide and as he hasn't had any tablets for more than six months and is not on any form of treatment, and, because no treatment is needed and is on watch and wait he is covered for the CMML. I was quite surprised but it nice to know things can go back to normal sometimes.
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Re: Travel Insurance -9 months after end of Hydroxycarbamide

Post by chris » 02 Mar 2015 15:54

Dear Molly

Hooray!! That is good news - not to mention a bit of a saving on the insurance premium??!!

Hope your husband has an enjoyable skiing holiday and that the fresh mountain air does him good!!

best wishes

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