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Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the fish?

Posted: 15 Aug 2013 07:17
by MollyP
Earlier this year when my hubby was diagnosed with CMML I trawled the Internet for weeks looking for something, anything I could do to help him make the CMML go away.

I read numerous papers, most of it scientific and meant nothing to me, I was just looking for a minute sliver of an answer.
Yesterday after hubby announced the monocytes had reduced again I shouted "it must be the fish!" and we both laughed and he said he knew I was going to say that.

But seriously, somewhere back in the bleaker days I had read something about monocytes and fish, I have trawled my Internet history and can't find the paper now, but since then we have smoked Salmon every week without fail. My husband wouldn't eat fish at all prior to this unless it was cod in batter.

So, whether it's the fish or just luck, or the yo yo effect his monocytes are dropping towards normal rather than rocketing in the other direction and if it is the fish I felt I should share, who knows! I really like Salmon and it makes my weekly menu planning so much easier. We have it baked in foil with a little butter and a fair bit of hot chill powder.



Re: Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the f

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 10:58
by chris
Hi Molly

It would be lovely if fish (or any food for that matter!) were The Answer for MDS but I don't think there is any evidence that anything -especially eaten just once a week - would make much difference!! A bit like they they say on the finance ads about investments "Blood counts may go up as well as down!!!" A couple of years ago, all my counts went up quite inexplicably, only to return to "normal for me" at the next appointment. Having said that, I do think that eating a good healthy diet can only be of benefit to any illness and I saw the following webinar on diet and bone marrow disease which might be of interest to you and anybody else interested in this. These are live broadcasts by US experts through the AAMDS site. (See Bobby Shaw's post also). It is broadcast at 8 pm Uk time tomorrow, Thursday 22nd August. You just need an e-mail address and password to sign up and you can watch and listen through the website link given. You will need to register before you can listen though. ... 2&CAT=1422

Best wishes


Re: Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the f

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 13:14
by red
I had breast cancer when I was 53 and a friend suggested the "Liver Cleansing Diet" by Dr Sandra Cabot.
At first I was sceptical but I thought what the heck it can' t do me harm. I felt more energetic on this diet and my surgeon told me that I had made a surprisingly quick recovery from the operation. I then got breast cancer in the other breast when I was 60 again I used the diet to boost my health. I have now gone back to using this diet now that I have MDS It's good for the Liver and that can't be bad. Last week I was very depressed and at a very low ebb. This week I'm on my Liver Cleansing diet and feel more energetic and calmer.
I'm not saying it's for everyone but it suits me.

Re: Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the f

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 20:54
by janetstanford
i am a big believer in what you are is what you eat and i have to say i became obsessed when i was diagnosed with B.M.C in 2008 over a few months i researched like crazy ....i have to say i have told all who will listen how we get so little advice on diet exercise ect ect within the N.H.S i am sure if they informed us more would recover and live longer ....anyway before i go off on a rant for 25 pages :o i do agree red with your comments and Molly the fish :?: could be but 03,6,9 are good for you so as Chrisi will err on the side of caution with that 1 :lol: but as saying goes its a good 1 :lol: we all have to keep our sense of humour and blame somat :!: ......
Just 1 thing CHERRY ACTIVE i drank this for 4 years imported it from america (as cheaper love a bargain) please research really good for all sorts it is available from H&B but expensive .....Chris i do remember telling you about this back in 2010 did you ever research ,come to think of it i need some more ...
Red sorry i have not contacted you have had a few issues last 6 weeks with treatment and it has got worse last 2 so just getting day to day at the moment and i have been put back on steroids and they do not agree with me :( but soon i will get around to it
WELL need more chocolate YUK not a fav of mine its the steroids HONEST :?:
All take care care best wishes Janet :P

Re: Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the f

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 21:28
by red
I've had some bad news today, a close friend has died. Yesterday my blood pressure kept going up and I felt dreadful So don't feel bad about not writing to me I understand.
I look forward to hearing from you when your up to it.
Love and hugs,

Re: Food nutrition: Lowering of Monocytes, could it be the f

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 07:59
by janetstanford
Hi Molly and Red
after i posted last night i noticed a post on useful links about a webinar about M.D.S and diet and have requested if they can post the info on the subject after they have seen it :) both are rather clever with this type of thing :) not me im afraid ....
I am on this early because i have been awake all night waiting for sleep its the steroids did this to me last time ,i slept yesterday 1-4pm got tired about 1a.m. it did not happen ...soon i hope maybe there till teatime :lol:
Hear from you soon Janet :)