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Good Insurance Company - 2018

Posted: 01 Apr 2018 16:46
by murrayfs
For anyone having difficulty with Travel Insurance - I have just renewed mine again with a company called Insura The total cost for an annual multi-trip Europe cover was £82.94 in total which included the medical screening.

The medical questions I was asked were:

- Are you on a waiting list for tests or treatment ?
-Has your Hb (haemoglobin Measurement) been lower than 9.5 in the last two months ?
- Do you have regular blood transfusions ?
- Do you have a low white cell count ? - low is less than 4.0 or 4000 per cubic millimetre
-Do you have a high white cell count ? high is more than 11.00 or 11000 per cubic millimetre
- Is your platelet count low ? low is less than 15.0 or 150,000 per cubic millimetre
- How many medications have been prescribed for this condition ? ( I am on 2)
- Have you had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant ?
- There are four stages which this illness may progress through -which do you have ? - They listed 4 but these didn't print out and I didn't write them down. But they didn't have the option of 5Q- which is my type
- Has the illness progressed to be described as AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) ?

I am lucky that I can give the right answers to these questions to enable me to get the insurance, because my drugs control everything and give me good blood counts etc.. If you don't have such good counts, then it might be a little more difficult, but I hope this might help some of you. I used them last year after being refused by the insurer I had used for the last 4-5 years (they would only give me single trip) and even this year, some of the medical questions have changed slightly but still a positive and reasonable cost outcome for me - in fact the cost was actually cheaper than last year.

Re: Good Insurance Company - 2018

Posted: 19 Feb 2019 16:41
by DCNE33
Thank you for posting this! My mam has just been diagnosed with low risk MDS, she has a trip to Canada coming up and they have raised her quote to £1300!!!! They didn't have a code for MDS and didn't ask any of those questions - so its really helpful that you have reassured us that there are insurance companies out there who will know more about the detail.
Unfortunately it is too late for her state of mind as this quote has really 'knocked her for six' and despite feeling very positive over the last few days, she is back to feeling like there really is something terribly wrong. Tomorrow is a new day!!