Bad or expensive travel insurance companies for MDS 2016-2017

For information about insurance companies able to offer coverage to those with pre-existing medical conditions - such as MDS. And new folder about Health or Life Insurance issues.

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Bad or expensive travel insurance companies for MDS 2016-2017

Post by sophie » 25 Jul 2016 16:19

BAD or EXPENSIVE travel insurers for MDS

To make it easier for others to avoid unhelpful insurance - if you had a BAD experience with a specific company - please add details below.
Keep it short - and remember that all cases are treated individually when it comes to pre-existing medical issues.

Insurance Company:
Length of trip:
Type of MDS/WBC/Hb:
Extra notes:
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Re: Bad or expensive travel insurance companies for MDS 2016-2017

Post by Keith » 30 Aug 2016 16:26

The following list of Travel insurance companies were contacted requesting quotation for an an annual multi trip policy covering Europe for myself and my wife (who has MDS - RCMD). All declined an annual policy but offered to quote for a specific individual trip which I didn't persue -

Freedom Insurance 01223446914
Fish Insurance 08000883275
Insurancewith 02038293875
Avanti Travel 08002229147
Saga Travel 08000158055
Saga Select 08003029002
Free Spirit 0800170770
Staysure 08000334941
Goodtogo 08008498039
Able 2 Travel 01892839501
MIA Travel 08009993333

in addition I tried 3 of the Travel Insurance comparison websites without success
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Re: Bad or expensive travel insurance companies for MDS 2016-2017

Post by janbev » 15 Sep 2016 20:23

Bev has MDS and until now was RCMD low risk, HB above 10, wbc above 4. (He is now RAEB1) We took travel insurance with All Clear, as we only had to pay for flights we chose the insurance that covered a lower holiday cost rather than the one we usually took (a difference of £90). All insurance companies ask you to inform them if there is a change to your condition/s. 3 weeks after Bev had the blood counts above he had another blood test and this time his counts were HB10 wbc 2.3 so I rang the insurance company naively thinking that they would just charge an additional premium. I was stunned when they said that they were cancelling the insurance as they did not cover mds patients with WBC under 4, even though previously we had taken their higher premium insurance with counts well under 4. After I had vocalised my thoughts I was told that each insurance policy has different underwriters and its down to the underwriters what blood counts they will insure. Needless to say I shan't use All Clear again and when I do search for Insurance I will make sure that the insurance is upgradeable and covered by just one set of underwriters. We did not get a full refund of the initial insurance as the policy had been in operation for just over 3 weeks - we got 50% back. So please when getting quotes make sure that A) the company will if the blood counts go down (or anything else changes) can upgrade your insurance for a small fee, B) that in underwriters are the same for all their policies and C) if the insurers cancel the policy on you that you will get the whole amount refunded.
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