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Holiday Insurance

Posted: 23 Jun 2013 17:41
by red
Hi everyone. Any advise on obtaining holiday insurance for MDS sufferers. I'm hoping to go to Crete for a week in September. AS I'm newly diagnosed with MDS and on watch and see.

life is for living!

Re: Holiday Insurance

Posted: 23 Jun 2013 22:55
by chris
Hi Red

Check out the travel insurance topics as in link below for experiences of MDS patients. ... m.php?f=18

Best wishes


Re: Holiday Insurance

Posted: 24 Jun 2013 17:10
by Freddy
Hi Red,

Try "Good To Go" on the net.

I got a reasonable price for 3 weeks in Hong Kong in May this year for my wife an I, who has CMML 1 and is classed as MDS on their application form.

My wife's counts were well within the tolerances on the forms, but just to make sure we had them checked 2 days before we flew.

They were Hb 10.9, WB 10.2 and platlets 68.... controlled with Hydroxyurea.

Both her medical teams locally and in London agreed she was fit enough to go, which we had in writing if the Insurance Company needed any proof.

Thankfully we did not have to claim so I am unable to comment on that side of things.

Hope that's some help.

Regards, Freddy.

Re: Holiday Insurance

Posted: 25 Jun 2013 10:59
by red
Thanks Chris and Freddy,

So far I've been quoted for 1 week in Crete.
From Good to go:
Standard ins: £161.82 just for repatriation £500 excess
Gold £200.84 Repatriation and insurance on holiday £75 excess
Platinum: £257.61 no excess repatriation and med cover. no excess.

Freedom Ins £156.44 Repatriation included. £75 excess

Able to Travel are getting back to me

I do have other medical problems which bump up my holiday insurance quotes not just MDS.

Life is for living!

ps. Just had a quote from All Clear Ins. Gold plus: covers repatriation and all other items you would expect from holiday insurance £164.47 I am travelling with a non family member who has his own insurance and for an extra £15 it will cover him to come back with me if I have to be repatriated.