Life Insurance and the term "Cancer"

For information about insurance companies able to offer coverage to those with pre-existing medical conditions - such as MDS. And new folder about Health or Life Insurance issues.

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Life Insurance and the term "Cancer"

Post by sophie » 04 Apr 2012 12:44

Dear all,

we are aware of the problems faced by some MDS patients who have Life Insurance policies, when it comes to choosing to cash in on the policy/insurance.

Because MDS is not always referred to as a form of blood cancer, many insurance companies reject the claim - saying the policy only covers leukaemia for instance.

We are looking at the problem for some of our patients who had wished to cash in their policy - but were rejected so far.
If this is you case too - please contact us - so we can advise you further and add your details to strengthen our evidence.

Thank you.
Sophie - Patient Liaison
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