Potential 9/10 match unrelated BMT

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Potential 9/10 match unrelated BMT

Post by AlanF » 18 Jan 2014 16:02

My wife has Hypoplastic MDS and perhaps the chance of a 9/10 match unrelated BMT from a German donor. She has a rare genetic make up as a result from a Grandmother from Mauritius. We have been waiting almost 2 years but no 10/10's around. Does anyone out there have any experience of a 9/10 match unrelated BMT. If all things check out this could be done during the next few months at Bristol Royal Infirmary (anyone with any experience of the BRI)
Look forward to any responses
Regards Alan
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Re: Potential 9/10 match unrelated BMT

Post by morganellis » 25 Jan 2014 18:09

Hi Alan,

My young cousin had a rare tissue type and couldn't find a match either. In the end they used his father in a haploidentical transplant, as his father would be a 50% match.

The cells took perfectly without much issue, no GVHD (this becomes more of an issue with an less than perfect match). But then due to the balance of chemo not being right he relapsed.
Again they used his father for a second transplant and gave him more t-cells to induce some GVHD as this would be good at mopping up the rogue cancer cells. Again the cells grafted well, and was 100% donor cells and cancer free.

On both occasions the match was far from perfect but the cells did their job just fine.
I know this doesn't exactly answer the question you have, but I hope it is some what helpful on the issue of the % match.

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