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BMT for the over 60's

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 09:47
by Sally

I am due to have a bone marrow transplant as soon has a donor is found. I understand that the older one is the tougher it is to tolerate the bmt and recover.

Is there anyone out there over 60 who has had a bmt or a friend or relative of someone over 60 who had a bmt who would be willing to share their experience with me? It would be hugely appreciated.

I have read about bmt extensively but feel a bit in the dark when age is factored into the equation.

Thanks in advance.


Re: BMT for the over 60's

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 14:53
by chris
Hi Sally

I think that, within reason, numerical age is less of an issue than a person's health status and fitness for transplant. I was concerned about this when stem cell transplant was suggested as a possible treatment and I was 59 at the time (now 61!) but the consultant said that I was "biologically young" so I guess that means I am in relatively good nick!!

If you look in the members section under Contact requests, there is a post from Lucy about her own stem cell transplant which I think she had when she was 58. She has also given a link to her blog which is very detailed and helpful. Sophie Wintrich can direct you to a publication called the Seven Steps so you could contact her directly. I spoke to somebody a couple of days ago whose husband was 63 when he had a stem cell transplant and he is doing really well so I'm sure there may well be people on this forum who will contact you.

Any concerns that you have, you should talk to your medical supporters as experience of this procedure with "older" people is growing and they may well have a local support group/ contacts?

Good luck and please let us all know what you find out.


Re: BMT for the over 60's

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 07:48
by Sally
Thanks Chris. That is a really useful perspective regarding general health.


Re: BMT for the over 60's

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 19:05
by sophie
Just briefly posting an article regarding age and BMT.

Please remember that chronological age is less important than biological age and ability to cope with the treatment given prior to the actual transplant.

And please do speak to your physician or nurse or transplant coordinator - as every patient's circumstances, condition and donor match plays a role. ... e-not-age/

The MDS Beacon is a good source of information.
But please read everything in context with your own situation - and check with your clinical staff to make sure what you read applies to your specific situation.

Patient Liaison

Re: BMT for the over 60's

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 08:01
by Sally
Great stuff. Many thanks.