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Derbyshire Group Meetings

Posted: 04 Jul 2016 14:20
by sophie
Anyone on here planning to attend the first Derbyshire meeting? ... 20th-july/

And post some feedback in this folder?

Anyone on here wanting to read this feedback - or find out about topics discussed ?
Please let us know if there is interest - and we will make minutes available on the forum - or on the website.
Thank you

Re: Derbyshire Group Meetings

Posted: 07 Jul 2016 18:33
by sophie
Anyone planning to attend?
Or anyone unable to attend due to various reasons?
Time, mobility, no transport, no funds, no energy?
Apprehensive of meeting others?
Still hesitating?
Please call us if any of these reasons apply.
We can possibly help if you contact us.

And for those who have taken part in local groups - please post some feedback - whether is was helpful, was one meeting enough, do you now go regularly etc.