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Liverpool local Patient Meeting

Posted: 11 Nov 2015 13:48
by sophie
Dear all,
if you wish to attend or help towards the creation of a Liverpool MDS only local patient meeting - please leave a reply to this message.
Sam is willing to help out in Liverpool as well as Manchester - but we need 2-3 more people to assist a little bit.
Keith Bott and his wife will help in Liverpool.

You can read all about our existing local groups and meetings here: ... al-groups/
This page includes a link to our Support Group Guidelines.
You can choose to do as much or as little as you wish - based on your time or energy levels.
Every little bit of help will be very much appreciated.

We are a very small charity - with just 2 members of permanent staff and 1 part-time volunteer.
So we do not have enough staff to attend every local meeting - and rely on our wonderful patients and relatives to help out as volunteers.

Thank you to all who are considering to help out as we prepare and organise this potential new group.
We look forward to hear from you all.