Lansoprazol tablets for hiatus hernia

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Re: Lansoprazol tablets for hiatus hernia

Post by MollyP » 13 Apr 2015 22:44

Thanks Chris
A worsening of the psoriasis last week saw my hubby back at our centre of excellence and a visit to a dermatologist which has yielded some interesting information. Some of the psoriasis is not psoriasis but a sensitivity to sun light, thus he needs to wear a hat at all times in the sun, and sun screen and has been given some different cream to hopefully calm it all down. Planting the allotment whilst praying for cloud is rather an odd way to spend life but At least we have some answers to it all. So life goes on quietly and we shall start thinking about a holiday. We got the last of the potatoes in today and are thinking about purchasing a pop up gazebo to pop over hubby as he tends his veg. I am glad that in all of this we can still have a bit of a laugh. Happy plantng your end, best wishes
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Re: Lansoprazol tablets for hiatus hernia

Post by chris » 16 Apr 2015 11:16

Hi Molly

Well at least you have some explanations and can take action to lessen the effects of the sun!! Dare I ask if they think any of his medications cause this sun senstitivity........ because lots of them do?!!! Meanwhile, covering up is a solution - though hard when tyou are flogging away on the allotment and getting hot!!. Strange, too, because UV light is used as a treatment for psoriasis!! Hmmm trying to keep out of the sun on an allotment?! We were over there on Tuesday and it was glorious but very sunny and possibiloity of sunburn and, as for yesterday? Phew, what a scorcher!!! We finished planting spuds on Tuesday too. It's a good feeling isn't it?!! Just the rest of the stuff to sow and plant now!! Stil have some soft fruit in the freezer from last year so we do very well.

Take care. Have fun planning your holiday and keep laughing!

Best wishes

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