Access to treatment in Northern Ireland

We are extending our network to Ireland and N Ireland and aim to create a specific support network for MDS patients and carers there. Please register your interest - and use this platform to communicate.

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Access to treatment in Northern Ireland

Post by sophie » 07 Mar 2012 11:06

Northern Ireland (NI) has particular issues regarding access to some of the newer cancer treatments, such as Multiple Myeloma and MDS.

Although NICE guidelines do apply in Northern Ireland as well, implementation is not viewed as strictly.

The Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) for England and Wales does not cover Northern Ireland - and in December 2011, a parliamentary motion/request was made to set up a Cancer Drug Fund for Northern Ireland specifically.
This CDF would need to be in the order of 3 to 6 Million GBP.

Azacitidine might then be more easily available in NI - and prescribed more widely, offering Intermediate 2 and high-risk MDS patients more than just supportive care with transfusions.

If you are an Intermediate 2 or High risk MDS patient - please contact us - as we would like to push the Government to make funds available for such cases.

Not having access to these drugs in just another case of postcode lottery.

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