Possible prostate cancer and MDS-RAEB2

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Re: Possible prostate cancer and MDS-RAEB2

Post by ISSY22 » 23 Jul 2019 20:40


I am in the reverse situation in so much as I had prostate cancer and now I've been diagnosed with MDS + RAEB.

The PSA test is reliable in what it does i.e. it tests your PSA level. On its own it is not a way of diagnosing cancer. However, a raised PSA over and above the expected norm is a cause for further investigation which, in my opinion, should be DRE, re-assessment, possibly pills to see if it's an infection (i.e. fight the infection), if there's still doubt mpMRI, and finally a template biopsy if required. The frustration for me is that 18 months post op I thought I was doing fine, then this hit me! The thing is, you could have a very low or neglible PSA and still have cancer, or the opposite and not have cancer. But the test just tests. The other factor is the rate of change of your PSA, or the doubling time - that's another pointer.I think that your most recent post said that they don't thing there's a problem - I am pleased for you for that.

If you do have any worries about PCa, please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

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