Creative visualisation

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Creative visualisation

Post by johneatwell » 27 Dec 2014 11:55

For a long while I have had a nasty cold which is beginning to invade my chest. Thus morning I said to myself: “Enough!”, and began to go inside to try and address the root cause. The following piece spontaneously came to me - I intend to return to it daily as an anchor for creative visualisation:

“I am going inside my bone marrow and taking a look at what is going on there. I am particularly interested in looking at the precursor white blood cells, which are gradually developing. Some of them are doing well, and destined to reach maturity. However, some of them are struggling, and it appears that they are not going to go the whole way. I want to support and encourage these cells, see them bathed in bright sunlight, so that they will continue to develop to full maturity. Then, all these white cells can break away and enter the bloodstream, where they can perform the work they were destined to do: providing me with the immunity and strength I need to flourish in my life, and to add joy to the flow of it”.
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