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Post by red » 15 Jun 2013 13:01

I was diagnosed with MDS a few weeks ago and have an appointment on the 18th June to see my Haematologist who will hopefully be able to tell me my subgroup. I have been moved from low risk to medium risk. I am 69 female and will be 70 in July I have varicose vein eczema which has become infected and I am taking 500mc of Mg Amoxicillin and was taking 250mg Flucloxicillin. As the infection was not getting better after 3 days I am now on 500mg of both antibiotics. I have more than one type of skin problem and infection generally is a problem for me. Normally though my general health is good.
How does any one else cope with infections?
I haven't noticed anyone out there in their 70s. Would like to know if there are older MDS suffers
red from Somerset
Red widow aged 70. MDS -20Q+t(1,9) diagnosed June 2013 on watch and wait. Lives in Somerset

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Re: Infections

Post by chris » 17 Jun 2013 11:33

Hi Red

Hope that tomorrow you will get some more information about your type of MDS. If your MDS affects your white blood cells, unfortunately you will be more susceptible to infections as your body is less able to produce enough white cells to fight infections so they will tend to go on for longer and be more serious than they otherwise would be. If you have a concurrent medical problem which makes skin infections more likely then you have a double whammy and may need to be more reliant on antibiotics to deal with the problem.

I also have low white cells and occasionally suffer from cellulitis if I get even a minor injury anywhere on my feet or lower legs. I manage to deal with it by elevating the injured part - in fact I am doing this at the moment as I had a scratch on my ankle bone that is now hot and fierce-looking and very painful!! I have found out that if I elevate it in bed and during the day for about 24 hours, it resolves without antibiotics as I prefer to avoid using them if at all possible. However, if it worsened or if I started running a bhigh temperature, I would definitely go and get some treatment.

I'm sure that there are plenty of people in their 70s on this forum and also some down in Somerset. I think you are in contact with Sarah.

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Best wishes

Chris. (F) Age 69 (2019). MDS diagnosed in 2008. Sub-type CMML-1 but with anomalies! Normal-ish red cells, low white cells and platelets, slightly raised monocytes. Enlarged spleen. No current treatment - active monitoring 3-
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Re: Infections

Post by Cheryl C » 31 Oct 2013 10:33

I used to have lots of skin infections until I started having the gamma globulin infusions. I just paint any wounds with peroxide ASAP and I think that helps too.

I am now more vulnerable to chest/throat and bladder infections. As soon as I feel a sore throat coming on I take 5000 mg Echinacea and nine times out of ten it fixes it. For the bladder infections I mostly knock them by breaking cranberry capsules into water and drinking lots of it. Hope this helps a little.
Diagnosed with MDS RAEB2 Sep 2011. Now MDS RCMD + Hypogammaglobulinaemia. Main problem: WCC - neutrophils. In Watch and Wait mode.
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