My Travels

Please post here your experiences of MDS as a patient, carer, family or friend

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My Travels

Post by christina » 19 Mar 2013 17:36

Hi my name is Tina, aged 67 and I was diagnosed with MDS in 2009 and have been treated at Kings for the last two years. In December I travelled overseas for a few months to visit my family and have to say the support that I received from Kings was perfect. I travelled with medication (injections) and had blood tests whilst I was away that I was able to email back to Kings. I feel I have a lot of info for anyone wanting to do the same, however I did send a long email a few days ago and don't think it went through, if this goes to print then I will wrtie it all again in detail. Tina, West Sussex

Re: My Travels

Post by GAVIN1976 » 20 Mar 2013 10:44

Hi...yes your message has come through, so look forward to reading your longer email re your travels
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