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Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 21 Jun 2013 19:45
by GAVIN1976
Well transplant all went well, and been keeping really well all week. Started GCSF infections today, so see what hat brings!

Caringbridge website, is against my name: GavinHepburn

Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 22 Jun 2013 12:24
by Jayne
Hi Gavin

I've just checked your caringbridge website and hope that you are still progressing well and feeling good?

Wising you all the luck in the world. Keep visualising your life as you want it to be and every day will be a step closer to your dream.

Best wishes

Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 22 Jun 2013 13:53
by Sarah Reakes
Hi Gavin.

So pleased you've had your Transplant and so far, so good. Have noted your Caringbridge blog and will keep in touch on there. Jayne's story must be a great source of encouragement to you and will help you to remain positive - her whole approach and attitude was simply amazing throughout and quite inspirational, but I know the support she had from her family and friends helped to keep her going.

Will be thinking of you.


Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 27 Oct 2013 09:05
by GAVIN1976
Hi, can't believe I not been on here since end of Jun after my transplant!

So just an update! mentioned transplant went well, and had very few probs, came out of hospital feeling well, and this continued, with bloods staying stable, and all looking good. Then 3 weeks ago, out of nothing, started getting real bad pains in my back, it was like I had pulled my back, every movement really hurt, then urine started turning darker and darker....I gt onto hospital who told me to come in.
To cut a long story short it turned out I was suffering fom autoimmune haemolytic anaemia....over the next days I deteriorated rapidly with numerous transfusions, but he body was just destroying all the red blood cells. At my worse my HB dropped to 3.2, at that point I don't remember a thing about it. They carried on transfusing, whilst putting me on high dose of steroids to stop the effect. Within 48 hours HB started coming back up, and I'm here to tell the tale, but very scary moments. It is just so frightening how quickly things can change. But back home resting now and hoping that was a one of episode!

Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 28 Oct 2013 11:53
by chris
Crikey, Gavin! Goes to show with these transplants that it ain't over until the fat lady sings!! Where do these things come from after so many trouble-free months? Did you get any explanations?

Glad to hear you are recovering well now. Keep it up!!

Take care


Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 28 Oct 2013 12:41
by punda milia
So sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time after a reasonably long period when things seemed to be going OK. I do hope that you continue to improve. You are certainly being very brave and are an inspiration to the rest of us on the forum who grumble about minor problems.

Look after yourself


Re: Gavin - Just diagnosed

Posted: 28 Oct 2013 22:40
by Russell
Hi Gavin,
Seems you've had a bit of a rough time. I hope things are looking up and you get an opportunity to give an update. I'm amazed at your upbeat message despite enduring a clearly horrible moment! Keep positive!