Evie McClean Starts an Exciting New YouTube Channel

Evie does You Tube – and she is a real pro!!! Go Evie! Have a look at her first video clip.

Evie is a member of the MDS UK Patient Support Group. Here is Evie’s video clip with 10 facts about her. We hope she will do a great clip for MDS UK to talk about MDS and transplants.

For her birthday Evie received an unexpected personal greeting from none other than David Beckham! Watch the video of David Beckham congratulating Evie

Thank you so much to David Beckham and everyone for supporting Evie! MDS is a poorly understood blood cancer disease, leading to patients feeling isolated. It means a lot to all patients to be encouraged in this way.

Evie is very active on social media. On top of her YouTube Channel, Evie also has a Facebook group.

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Evie McClean

Evie McClean

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