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11 May 2014

Wirral Walk – 11th May

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Date: 11/05/2014
8:00 am



WIRRAL WALK – 11th May

Our fabulous MDS supporters – the Denton Family – are doing the Wirral Walk.
We have known Alison and her children Steph and Andy since 2008 – and we are so grateful to all 3 – as well as all their friends in Wirral for keeping up the support and awareness of MDS.
Please show your support to Steph and Andy – and raise awareness of MDS.
And have a great day on the 11th May!


“Hi guys!
Me and Andy will be doing the Wirral Walk on Sunday 11th May to raise money for MDS UK.

MDS stands for Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a group of illnesses which affect bone marrow in terms of its ability to produce red blood cells. The illnesses can affect the quantity and physical characteristics of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which in turn can have drastic effects on the body’s immune system and general functioning.

This charity is very close to our hearts as we sadly lost our dad to MDS back in 2008. As MDS is a rare disorder, particularly in people under the age of 60, it is relatively unknown and so this is an excellent cause to donate money to and to raise awareness for. MDS put donations towards ongoing research and current treatment in their Centres of Excellences which are dotted around the country.

We would be so, so grateful for any donations for this amazing cause, and if you would like to join us in doing the Wirral Walk please let me know.

Thanks everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Steph x “

Here are photos from the last time they all did the walk:

wirralwalkweb wirralwalkweb2 wirralwalkweb3 wirralwalkweb4

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