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09 Sep 2017

Wendy Mansell is doing the Warrior Adrenaline Race for MDS UK!

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Date: 09/09/2017


Hertford SG14 3NE + Google Map

The Warrior Adrenaline Race

The Warrior Adrenaline Race is an Obstacle Course Race in an enchanting wooded area and swampy terrain, at Woodhall Estate, just 3 miles north of Hertford 

It takes place on the 9th of September of 2017 and has many levels, with a variety of challenges for different abilities.

Wendy says in her Virgin Money Giving page

So after the craziness of Tough Mudder I have decided to take on another challenge! This time I am doing Warrior Adrenaline Race (WAR) with Stuart Billins and a few other people but I am raising money for the MDS Society ( which no one probably has heard of)

MDS stands for Myelodysplastic Syndrome and is basically a cancer of the blood/bone marrow ( to keep it simple) and as you may or may not know my mum passed away of this in May 1984 at the age of 41.

The condition is rare and back in the late 70’s - early 80’s they didn’t know a lot about this and so she was given regular blood transfusions to keep her alive but sadly this caused other complications – she was an insulin dependent diabetic as well.

She never complained and always had a smile on her face so I want to help the charity that was set up to support patients and families affected to hopefully one day find a cure.

We are immensely grateful to Wendy for thinking of us, and full of admiration for her sense of fun and, indeed, stamina.

We value every opportunity to raise awareness of MDS with the general public. All donations, big or small, mean we can carry out our work, helping those affected by MDS, supporting them through illness, and campaigning with them for better treatments.


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