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26 Apr 2015

Virgin London Marathon – Daniel Holah

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Date: 26/04/2015
8:00 am




London Marathon
London, SE10 8QY United Kingdom + Google Map

Virgin London Marathon 2015 – Runner Daniel Holah



Despite the injury Daniel made us proud with his record breaking marathon run for our charity – He did it in 3 hours and 22 minutes!



MDS UK London Marathon Record Breaker – Daniel Holah


Daniel 5

Daniel Holah


Daniel and Ian

Daniel Holah with Ian Redpath, Daniel’s friend, colleague, coach and marketing officer




Daniel Holah


Daniel with family

Daniel Holah with his supportive family (from left: wife, sister and Mum)



Thanks to multi-talented Ian Redpath from TFL, MDS UK now has a theme song to accompany activities and Dan the Marathon Man on Sunday:





MDS UK has a runner in the Virgin London Marathon!!!!  Hooray!!!!

daniel holahDaniel Holah is the brother in law of long-term MDS UK member Gavin Hepburn, who was diagnosed with MDS in 2012.
Gavin, his family and his colleagues from Etihad Airways have been very supportive and involved in fundraising for MDS UK since the diagnosis and Gavin’s transplant.  But Gavin is unfortunately now again in need of further treatment.

Daniel was lucky enough to win a ballot place in the VLM  – and has very kindly volunteered to fundraise for MDS UK.
We are so grateful for this – as it is near impossible for small charities to obtain a London Marathon place.
The waiting list to obtain a place is on hold – as the demand stretches until 2022!  Currently the majority of places go to very large charities, and/or those that have been established for many years – and requested places a very long time ago, when demand was much lower.

The only alternative for small and young charities is to win a charity place, find a runner with his/her own ballot place – or buy a ticket from advertisers at over £1,250 a ticket….which forces the runner to raise an extraordinary large amount of funds – before the charity even gets a penny.  Something MDS UK does not want to impose on their very generous and committed fundraisers!

So again many thanks to Daniel, as well as Gavin and his wife Lisa for their support and commitment to helping MDS UK!

Here is Daniel’s fundraising page – and the information about him:


“Hi, thanks for visiting my page and thank you for taking the time to sponsor me. I will be running the 2015 London Marathon in April, it will be my 6th Marathon but for me it will be the most important as I am running it for a very special charity called MDS UK.

The charity is a support group for people suffering from Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) which is a malfunction of the bone marrow in producing the correct quantity and quality of blood cells, please see the link for detailed information. https://mdspatientsupport.org.uk/ This wonderful charity have a close affiliation with my family as my Brother in Law Gavin Hepburn is currently fighting MDS and relies on the great support he recieves from them.

The charity do not recieve any mandatory charity places for the Marathon as they tend to go to the bigger, more well know charities so I am really keen to try and raise as much as possible to help this great cause which helps so many people.

Any donation would be amazing and would be much appreciated, I know money is tight for us all but even a penny, a pound would be massive so thank you. Ill do my bit in April but for now its over to you.”

Please also use Facebook and twitter to advertise this fundraiser:
Daniel’s twitter name is @zippy7777777   –    MDS UK is @MDS_UK or @HelpforMDS


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