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29 Oct 2016

Memorial Dart Day in Memory of Naughton Phillips

When is this event:

Date: 29/10/2016
1:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Neath Rugby Club
Gnoll Park Rd
Neath, SA11 3BT
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On the 29th of October 2016 Scott Phillips is organising a Darts Day and Charity Night in memory of his dad Naughton Phillips

Scott says on his dad's Virgin Money Giving Page:

"Due to the untimely passing of Naughton Phillips on 3rd May 2015 and the amount of people that knew and loved him, we thought it would be worthwhile to set up this memory page and fundraise for the support, help and assistance that the foundation for the disease represent.
Naughton only found out he had this disorder after suffering a heart attack whilst working, and undergoing blood tests following the heart attack in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.
MDS is a malfunction of the bone marrow in producing the coreect quantity and quality of blood cells
These cells can be white blood cells fight infection, red blood cells carry oxygen and platelets prevent bruising and bleeding, any of these can be affected, Naughton had all 3 affected. MDS has 4 levels:- low risk, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and high risk. His tests revealed Naughton was already at the High Risk level when diagnosed.
He wanted to undergo intensive chemo and look towards a bone marrow transplant aiming at a cure, this was despite being told there was a 30% chance he would not survive the initial treatment. He then found out that his particular blood disorder levels would not lend itself towards this curative route, which did depress him as he was willing to fight for a cure.
He then had to follow a supportive care treatment route to look at extending his lifespan his prognosis had only been around 6 months without the treatment but up to 18 months with the treatment and began a first bout of treatment aimed at this. This treatment chemo made him ill however and after a visit to the hospital for another of many blood transfusions he needed, his temperature was elevated so he was admitted to get his temperature under control.
In the 2 weeks he was in Singleton Hospital, Swansea he suffered another heart attack, temperature spikes, infections that could not be controlled, fluid on the lungs, kidney function issues and heart disease onset. Losing his mobility during this process and moving to the High Dependency Unit.
He had a miserable 2 weeks with many issues but stayed fighting until his body basically could cope no longer and was giving up, the outcome was his passing.
He worked all of his life never being sick and was still employed but on "the sick" from the heart attack he suffered in work. Born on 22/04/1947 he enjoyed his 68th birthday whilst in hospital fighting the infections. He worked in construction as a draughtsman, steelwork consultant through to commercial manager during his working life. He had only weeks before the heart attack made the decision to carry on working until his 70th birthday. He was a keen local darter in the Neath Charity Darts League playing for many local teams and winning every title during his time with the league, unfortunately falling victim to the dreaded "dartitis" a few years ago helped his decision to retire from darts though. He was known as a true gentleman to everyone that knew him and he was well respected by all.
From finding out about the disease then through to his passing was around only 3 months.
This sort of disorder goes unchecked in many people and support for families affected by MDS is really neeed hence this fundraising page.
Fundraising in his name will be a privilege and any support will be appreciated."

Thank you so much to Scott Phillips, for sharing his father's story. Scott's fundraising event in his father's memory raises MDS awareness with the public.

There will be darts, with a trophies for the various categories and prize money on the day. The evening will start at 6:00 pm and it will include singing and dancing, plus a raffle with some fantastic prizes. What an amazing way of celebrating Naughton Phillips' life.

A massive thank you to those that attend what is meant to be an amazing day. Your contributions allow us to keep helping families affected by MDS, supplying extra information to them, setting up meetings and support forums, as well as supporting MDS nurses to attend conferences.

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