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31 Jan 2015

Lynne Lidster Dryathlon

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Date: 31/01/2015
8:00 am



A further awareness and fundraising challenge in support of Glyn Jones!

Glyn’s colleague Lynne Lidster volunteered to have a dry January!  And on her birthday too!
See what she says on her Virgin Money Giving page:


“I’m doing the Cancer Research Dryathlon for January – which will mean a dry birthday and a dry long weekend in Prague! That’s no hardship though compared to the life limiting, threatening or ending battle that people diagnosed with cancer face.  I’d like to use this opportunity to raise money for MDS UK on behalf of my colleague, Glyn Jones, who was diagnosed with MDS (a rare blood cancer) last year. Glyn and his family are now facing this battle with MDS with regular blood transfusions, chemotherapy and hopefully a stem cell transplant in 2015. MDS UK supports people and families after diagnosis and through treatment.
If you aren’t able to donate any money, perhaps you can save someone with blood cancer’s life by registering as a stem cell donor. You can find out more at this website http://www.deletebloodcancer.org.uk/en

You don’t have to be a family member to be the right match for someone.
You can easily check out whether you are able to register (basically under 55 and in good health) and a swab test to collect cells from your mouth will be posted to you. 90% of stem cell transplants are done through blood donation alone – you can find out all the details from the website.

Finally, if you can’t donate or register then perhaps you could repost or tweet to spread the word.
Thank you.

Many thanks Lynne – both for your challenge and also your encouraging words regarding stem cell donations.

Please do tweet about it!Our twitter accounts are @MDS_UK and @HelpforMDS

Please spread on Facebook too – yours and ours!


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