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15 Sep 2013

Jonathan Maxted – Great North Run

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Date: 15/09/2013
8:00 am



Jonathan Maxted is doing the Great North Run on the 15th September – in memory of his Granddad.
He has set up a Virgin Money Giving page for donations for MDS UK:

Jonathan Maxted - Granddad Memorial Run

Here are a few words from Jonathan:

A day after my Birthday in February 2009 I lost a very special Granddad to MyeloDysplastic Syndrome which essentially meant he suffered from bone marrow failure. Although he’d been unwell for a short time, nothing prepared me for the loss of such a wonderful guy. He wasn’t just a great Granddad, he was a great friend. 

So after talking about doing the Great North Run for long enough that every time I mentioned it, I got a raised eyebrow and an audible sign from the missus, the time has come to man up and take a short jog.

I’m raising money for MyeloDysplastic Syndrome UK Patient Support Group who look to share new research and treatment options as quickly as possible, while providing support for those suffering from a range of illnesses associated with the condition.  

Being honest, I am simply aiming to finish the Great North Run in one piece! So if you think I have no chance, or you think I am not of sound mind, or quite simply you think I’m doing something half decent for charity, then I’d be so grateful if you could sponsor me a few pounds.

Thank you so much to Jonathan for undergoing this tough run!
We wish him all the best – in training and for the run itself.

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