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01 Apr 2021

Hannah Russell is running 75km in memory of her dear Gaga

When is this event:

Start: 01/04/2021 @ 8:00 am
End: 30/04/2021 @ 5:00 pm
I decided to run 75km in the month of April for my gorgeous Gaga’s 75th birthday (which was on the 2nd April!) to raise money and awareness for MDS, Dementia and Macmillan.

My Gaga was diagnosed with MDS (a type of blood cancer) five years ago and has had blood transfusions every 3-4 weeks since. At the end of 2020, after a year of poor health, she was also diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers.

Unfortunately, she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of February and sadly she passed away on the 7th April, just 5 days after her birthday.

Hanna says:

My Gaga has been a huge part of my brother and I’s lives. She was the kindest person I have EVER met and deserved so much more than these cruel illnesses. She loved nothing more than being with her family and never shied away from telling us how proud she was of us.

I know Dementia and Alzheimers affect so many people, and MDS is a horrible disease with little research so I would be grateful for any and all donations ?

A BIG THANK YOU to Hannah for putting such brilliant efforts into this fundraiser that is benefitting MDS UK, as well as another 2 charities.

We thank her not only for the fundraising, but also the fabulous awareness of MDS it is generating.

More than ever, due to Covid – we need generous people like Hannah, to help us assist future MDS patients and their families.

Free donations by shopping