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23 Feb 2011

Grahan Young – Kilimanjaro climb – February 2011

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Date: 23/02/2011
8:00 am




Graham says: ‘Finally, the summit! Thanks to everyone that sponsored me…
I managed to raise £3320. Don’t let the smile in this pic deceive you- It was hard work!’

In February this year Graham Young did climb Mount Kilimanjaro! This is no small feat, as it stands at 5,895 metres above sea level, making it the highest free standing mountain! Congratulations to Graham for this achievement.

He said: I did this to raise money for MDS. My mother-in-law, Julie, was diagnosed with MDS in 2007 and I wanted to do something to raise money for the support of those with MDS as well as the research into both preventing and finding a cure for the illness.

Graham paid for his own climb in full, so all donations did go fully and direct to the charities, MDS UK and LLR and were split equally.

The total amount raised was £3,320 which was a huge success. Many many thanks to Graham and all the fantastic donors that made this possible.

He suffered terribly with altitude sickness and said it was much harder than ever imagined it would be but is very glad he did it, especially for such a good cause!

Following the summit night on the way back down the mountain they were not allowed to stop at the usual camp as they were all too sick with altitude sickness so they had to keep walking to the next camp further down the mountain so by the time they had stopped they had been walking for 36 hours! They took the Rongai route and did it over 6 days.





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