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15 Aug 2014

Dan Crowley Golf Day 2014

When is this event:

Date: 15/08/2014
8:00 am




Tilgate Golf Club
RH10 5EU United Kingdom + Google Map


Fantastic news from Stella reporting a huge fundraising success at the Golf Day organised in memory of her late husband – Dan:

“Well, we had another very successful Memorial Day for Dan. The sun shone and the golfers had a great day and we managed to raise £4995, we are so proud of our wonderful man, so many people loved him and showed it in their generosity. With the £ 405 car boot money. That makes £5400”

We are glad you had a wonderful day celebrating Dan’s life and would like to thank everyone present for their exceptional generosity! Special thanks to Crowley Family ad friends for all their efforts and hard work!

It is amazing to see how the memory of Dan continues to make positive impact on his family and friends and inspire others to achieve great things!

Below is just a selection of photos from the day:

Fantastic Crowley Family & Friends Team – they made it all happen!

helping crew


Dear friend Terry – without his help it wouldn’t be possible to gather so many wonderful golfers.

friend Terry

The golfers themselves having a great time at the court.

all the golfers

Below are few words from Jeff Clancy – one of the golfers and Dan’s friend from childhood – explaining why he found it so important to support Dan’s Golf Day:

“Having known Dan virtually all my life I feel honoured to be able to support a charity that I feel I have a direct connection with. It is without doubt that Dan’s amazing character sustained him through the years he had MDS but this was only one facet of his battle. Stella and her brilliant two girls, along with their wide circle of loving families and friends gave him the belief that he would beat the disease. However this was only part of the story. The brilliant group at Kings, the Doctors and support staff, along with their colleagues at Crawley bolstered his conviction that he could deal with the illness on a daily basis and eventually overcome it.

I am sure I speak for all the golfers who turn up year after year for the Golf Day. We are happy to play our small part in providing some additional resources for research and support to an organisation we believe had done its utmost in securing Dan’s health. It is an occasion we all look forward to, lots of fun whilst remembering Dan, enjoying the company of some very old friends and feeling that we have done some good on at least one day during the year.”

Jeff Clancy,  26th August 2014

Further comment below is from Mitch, another close friend of Dan’s – sharing his take on the meaning of this event.

“For me, although the occasion is brought about by a sad and untimely loss of a much loved friend, it is very much a life affirming event. It works on many levels as it demonstrates the power of the human spirit. We, the golfers, had a marvellous time. We were able to meet friends old and new, reminisce, have fun and importantly be able to contribute towards the charity and research. It was heart warming to see the love, affection and close bond of Dan’s family and the support his memory engendered from his diverse friends. The hard work of the many “organisers” was appreciated and they made the day with their smiling faces, confirming it was a celebration of Dan the Man.”

Richard Mitchell, 28 August 2014 

Adorable Billie, Stella’s granddaughter having a lovely time in golf buggy and proudly wearing our logo on her specially adapted outfit.

ganddaughter Billie


With a great sense of humour, Stella’s daughters making sure everyone is enjoying the day.

On right, Becky’s having a great time giving a dance lesson.
Below Sallyann showing excellent skills while auctioning the club found at the golf course – the owner managed to retrieve it after donating £30!

fun at the golf day


Lets not forget about the lovely ladies from he car boot sale…

carboot sale 2


…and Ian, Stella son-in-law. Stella admitted trying to sell him as part of the car boot sale, but reports that even with all the accessories they couldn’t get any offers!
We are glad you didn’t as we may need him next year!

car boot sale 1


Huge thanks to all of you! You are all inspirational!


The forth year running, the wonderful Crowley Family and friends group is preparing to continue the tradition and organise the 2014 Golf Day – to pay tribute to the memory of Dan Crowley.

As previously, the funds collected during the day will be donated to MDS UK.  This year Crowley Family decided to go even further by topping up donations with the money from their car boot sale. Thank you so much for all your dedication, commitment and great ideas on how to raise funds for our charity. We can’t express our gratitude for everything you’ve done and continue doing to support us in our work.

We wish you a very successful car boot sale and a fantastic day out!


Above you can see a great photo from the last year’s Golf Day. We can’t wait to get photos from the upcoming event too. This year the family is fully equipped with MDS resources including our bright T-shirts which were well received by the leading organiser, Stella Crowley:

“Thank you for the tops, I’ve even customised one for my 3 yr old granddaughter so she looks the part!!
We’re  all having a good sort out for car boot sale on Sunday so hope it goes well, I will let you know.”


We look forward to further updates from Stella.


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