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19 Apr 2015

Bucket Collections At Selected TfL Stations: Wembley Park Station (2/2)

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Date: 19/04/2015
6:30 am



UPDATE 24/04/15
TFL bucket shaking days – a summary in music and photos – absolutely amazing!  Thank you Ian Redpath and colleagues – this has made such a difference to awareness of the condition and of the charity.  The funds collected will help enormously to assist future patients and families  with MDS.

Brilliant cooperation and support from everyone!

Particular thanks to : Ian Redpath, Daniel Holah, Maria King, Simon Hussey, Tricia Cooper, Olabisi Mariam Shittu-Babatunde, Dan’s Mum, Hayley Constable, Sarah Jenkins, Mia Mulvenna, Catherine Ramsbotham, Amber, Adam Lucy, Patricia Burke, Graham Slade.
Also Kathy Walker, Julie Boyce, Tania and the guys and girls in the TSL SRT office.

Thanks to our patients Kes and others who assisted as well.
Thanks for everyone in The SRT for making it so special.

Thank you to the Hepburns – Gavin, Lisa, Olivia, Tilly.

And thanks again to all who donated over the course of these 5 days.

Bucket Collections At Selected TfL Stations: Wembley Park Station (2/2)

Daniel Holah works for TfL, and is his brother-in-law Gavin is an MDS patient. As part of the superb set of fundraising events that Daniel Holah is helping to organise or participate in this April, there are 5 days when there will be a bucket collection for MDS at a busy London underground station.

We will have people shaking buckets on the following days:

  • April 04. Arsenal Station (Arsenal v Liverpool BPL Fixture / est 60,000 attendance)
  • April 11. Putney Bridge Station (Oxford v Cambridge University Boat Race / est 50,000 crowd)
  • April 16. North Greenwich Station (Paul Simon & Sting in concert at the O2 Arena / 17,000 capacity)
  • April 18. Wembley Park Station (first FA Cup Semi-final / est 90,000 crowd)
  • April 19. Wembley Park Station (second FA Cup Semi-final / est 90,000 crowd)

Daniel explains !
Over these 5 events the potential number of customers using the stations will be close to 300,000 so some huge potential. I am hoping that my own staff and also some volunteers from MDS can help with shaking some buckets and make these days fun and hopefully raise lots of funds for the charity.

If you’re going to any of these events then please look out for us!

From the MDS Team: Very important request to all our members !

If you, or anyone you know, can help us out with the bucket collection – even if only for an hour or two – we would love to hear from you. Email: mds-uk@mds-foundation.org

Many thanks in advance.
(MDS UK Patient Support Group  is a member of the FRSB / Fundraising Standards Board)

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