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03 Mar 2013

Alex and Tom’s Bath Half – 03/03/2013

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Date: 03/03/2013
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In case you had not guessed….this is a fundraising half-marathon in Bath – where Alex and Tom will take part in.

They are using the Virgin Money Giving website to collect funds for MDS UK – but as their write up is SOOO GOOD – we had to copy  and paste it in on our main page too.  Thank you so much for this brilliant introduction.

Tom is the son of our local Oxford co-organiser and MDS patient Gwyneth.  Gwyn has already contributed loads to MDS UK – via her school – they are a fantastic bunch of people.
Welcome to new recruit Alex (sorry – Mr Alexander Thomas Greatorex Palmer)!!

Please read on to see what these boys have planned – all to do with numbers 3-3-13 … good luck to both of them and many thanks for setting this up – as well as HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Thomas William Morgan Brown-Lowe!!  (as he will be celebrating whilst running …)

On 3rd March 2013, Thomas William Morgan Brown-Lowe and Alexander Thomas Greatorex Palmer are planning to drag themselves and all their given names around the Bath Half Marathon course.

Anyone who knows Bath may argue that being given the opportunity to explore 13.1094 miles of its Georgian splendour is a great privilege. On top of one of the city’s sightseeing buses with suitable refreshments we could not agree more, but by foot, however hi tech the trainers are, is much tougher.

So you may find yourself asking, what on earth has encouraged these two young gentlemen to undertake this gruelling challenge? Firstly, this day happens to be the 21st Birthday of Mr Brown-Lowe. What better way to test the makings of Tom on the day he becomes a man, than making him run a distance equivalent to 681 blue whales!

The second and possibly more important reason is to raise £1000 for MDS Patient Support Group.

MDS or Myelodysplastic Syndrome is a malfunction of the bone marrow in producing the correct quantity and quality of blood cells. If it is the white blood cells which are abnormally shaped, the sufferer is likely to be susceptible to overwhelming infection (much like someone lacking a spleen).

A person with MDS will also suffer from chronic tiredness and weakness due to the often extremely low levels of haemoglobin. This is debilitating in itself and often requires regular blood transfusions. Transfusions are time consuming and restrictive. For further information please visit: https://mdspatientsupport.org.uk/.

MDS sufferers are therefore going to be unable to run the half marathon themselves to raise the money. This is where you come in. This charity is only able to run by the donations from individuals and businesses, fundraising events and grants from pharmaceutical companies. By raising £1000 for MDS Patient Support Group, you are helping to provide information and hopefully peace of mind for patients and their families in this worrying time.

With your kind donations they will be able to offer meetings, information packs, helplines and maintain the extremely high standard of information provided on their website free of charge. As you can hopefully understand, paying bills and fees is the last thing on your mind when you are taken ill.

We therefore ask you to selflessly donate whatever you can. We will be giving up many of our weekly pints in preparation for this event, so if you could sacrifice just one of yours this week and donate that money to this noble cause instead we would be incredible grateful. We cannot even imagine how grateful the patients would be.

As it is held on 03/03/13, we aim to collectively run the half marathon in under 3 hours 3 minutes and 13 seconds. This means we each need to run the 13.1094 miles in under 1 hour 31 minutes and 36 seconds; no mean feat!

Bath marathon

Thank you for your generosity and we wish you a very happy 2013.
Tom and Alex xx

Now – to support these 2 great guys – click here to donate – and follow them on twitter:

Virgin Money Giving Bath half marathon 2013


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