EU Petition – Research cuts – IMPORTANT – 12/11/12

This is a EU petition we ask you ALL to sign:

Requesting governments not to cut research budget for the next 7 years

DO THIS TODAY please – 12/11/12 – we only have a few days left to do this.

The budget for EU research funding for 2014-2020 (Horizon 2020) is under threat of being cut as part of the negotiations on the EU’s Multi-Annual Financial Framework at the European Council Summit of November 22-23.

Over 40 European Nobel and Fields Medal prizewinners have signed an open letter that calls upon Europe’s heads of state or governments and presidents of European institutions to save the budget for research and innovation from austerity measures. In support of this initiative an online petition is now open at:

The European Haematology Association (EHA ) wholeheartedly supports this initiative and is calling upon their constituency (patients and physicians) to sign.

Please sign this to make sure research funding is not cut – it is currently difficult enough as it is to find funds to research rare diseases.

We would like you (apart from signing yourself) to mobilize your friends and family constituency as well.

Email it, Facebook it, Twitter about it – ask everyone to sign it.

Print it out and ask your physicians and nurses to sign it.

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