We've received recently a very kind donation in memory of Steve Goodfellow, who sadly passed away from MDS in June.

Sharon Goodfellow shares these words about Steve:

He was the most amazing person and is so very missed by so many of us - he has left a massive hole in our lives. He was so brave throughout his entire ordeal and never once uttered the "why me?" words. I look forward to the day when there is a better, safer treatment for this disease and in the meantime I will do whatever I can to raise awareness of MDS.

Steve Goodfellow

Sharon has left a donation in Steve's memory.

We cannot thank her enough for thinking of MDS UK as recipient of donations in his memory.

The money will go to ensure that all patients and families receive the attention and information they need during those particularly difficult times – straight after diagnosis, at treatment changes, time of transplant or progression of the condition.

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