Rowland Phillips is an architect of 35 years and for the past 22 years has designed healthcare buildings, specialising in Clinical Planning. He is also a talented artist, although he considers his art only a hobby. His works can be seen on his website

Recently, through his friendship with our patron Caitlin Limmer, Rowland has generously given two of his paintings and asked the money to be donated to MDS.

We received two donations from Andrew Ryan and Faisal Islam who bought Rowland’s artwork.

For us, as a small charity, it is a dream to get fundraisers with such a generous heart. Rowland not only raised money, but made people aware of MDS. This is particularly important for rare conditions which are totally unknown amongst the general population.

We are immensely grateful to Rowland, Andrew and Faisal for their support.

All the money raised will go to ensure that MDS patients and families receive the attention and information they need during those particularly difficult times – straight after diagnosis, at treatment changes, time of transplant or progression of the condition

Rowland with Caitlin holding one of his amazing watercolours

Rowland with Caitlin

Rowland in his studio

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