The family of Derek Peter Dennis has very kindly offered to collect donations for MDS UK, and raise awareness of MDS in his memory. His grandson Joshua informed us of his Grandad's passing.

Derek made the brave and noble decision to donate his body to science. This means a funeral cannot be immediately held and it may be up to three years before we can.

Grandad is allowing our future doctors and scientists to research and develop new techniques and cures. When questioned why he wanted to donate his body, his answer was: 'One day it may save one of my grandchildren's lives.'

Joshua asked us to share these words to about his grandfather:

Grandad - Derek Peter Dennis 08.10.1932 - 21.05.2017
A wonderful husband to Rose, father to Sarah and Jackie, and grandad to Joshua, Samuel and Jacob. He lived in Bromley for over 50 years.
Grandad was such a kind and compassionate person and he is missed dearly already.

Deepest condolences to all his family and friends – and many thanks for choosing MDS UK as recipient of donations in his memory.

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