Some of you will know of Caroline Wright, one of our family and a strong supporter of our charity.

It is with some sadness that we let you know that Caroline passed away on 14th November, after relapse of her illness earlier this year.

Despite a difficult programme of treatment which she met head-on, and a firm belief that she would eventually receive a stem cell transplant, it was not to be.

Caroline was a great example of how to gather your energies to pursue what you felt was right, and a true friend and supporter when times were tough.  She got a lot of encouragement from the MDS support group and gave encouragement too.

Last year, after asking her sister to run for MDS on her behalf she managed to get to the Great North Run, a first for our charity at that event.  It was a beautiful day for the race, and you could see how much Caroline loved meeting with Russell and other MDS people she had come to know.  She had a wonderful weekend and loved being part of the event and treasured the GNR medal given to her.

Every person lost to MDS is a tragedy, and especially so when it is someone you have known and loved.  Caroline has left a great gap in the lives of her family and she is a force we will all remember, for her strength of spirit, her courage to challenge what this awful disease brings and a brave wit which always brought a smile.  She had an abundance of hope and that hope is something we will never forget.

Rest in peace dear Caroline.

Our deepest condolences to Caroline's family and friends. We are immensely grateful to them for choosing MDS UK as recipient of donations in her memory.

All donations will go to ensure that MDS patients and families receive the attention and information we can provide to help them deal with the condition.

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