Great News: MDS UK is taking part in this year’s Prudential Ride London

MDS UK is delighted to announce that we've got five amazing fundraisers taking part in this year’s Prudential Ride London, on Sunday 29th July 2018. This is one of the legacies of the 2012 London Olympic Games and will give us an opportunity to both raise awareness of MDS as well as a fantastic opportunity to raise money.

Prudential Ride London provides a fantastic platform to help fulfil The Mayor of London and Transport for London’s goal of encouraging more people to cycle more safely, more often. TfL anticipates tens of thousands of spectators and participants every year will take up regular cycling after each event. There is no other closed-road event like it that combines the fun and accessible element of a free family ride in central London with the excitement of watching the world’s best professional cyclists race.

Here is our team of SUPER RIDERS!!!

Clare Fraser
I am an indoor cycling instructor and I have my own studio in Weybridge. I am also planning on doing an 8 hour spin-a -thon where people can come and join in on the hour for 1 hour at a time and donate money for my fund raising in payment for the class.

Peter Southey
I was told I needed to get fit and this seemed a good idea, well it did at the time, as I was helping a good cause as well as me. Cycling experience almost none.

Caitlin Limmer and Moni Lau
I have no riding experience, am doing it purely to raise money and awareness of MDS and make a big noise with my great, great friend Moni on the back. Clare Fraser is also a great mate of ours and she is a very good cyclist. All 3 of us have been in sport for years, but Moni and I are defo a liability on the bike - however we are going to try very hard!

Steve Richardson
My experience is that have been riding since my teens and now I am 67. I completed Ride London 2015 and 2016. I have been an MDS patient since 2011 but have been lucky to maintain my levels on EPO

Darren Laverty

Alexander William Myers

We would love more supporters to come on the day to be on the course and look out for our #TeamMDS. For details on the day, please email us to fundraising@mdspatientsupport.

MDS, Myelodysplastic Syndromes, are complex blood cancers. The impact of MDS on an individual’s quality of life can be dramatic and devastating. At the current time there is no cure for MDS other than a bone marrow transplant and even then as few as one in 10 patients will be fit enough to survive the rigours of treatment.

Prudential Ride London

Prudential Ride London

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